Pam and Rochelle From Chat With Women Are Getting A SkinSpirit Makeover

Chat With Women is a local, weekday talk radio and internet show hosted by two women who have been there, done that and gotten the t-shirt. Pam Gray and Rochelle Alhadeff deliver real advice for real life while helping to connect with, empower and inspire their listening audience. Listening to their show is like mothering without smothering or like calling mom, but without the guilt.

Over the next couple of months, Pam and Rochelle will be getting a little mothering of their own, courtesy of SkinSpirit. Both ladies will be coming into any one of our three Washington locations for a SkinSpirit makeover for services including: Ultherapy, Signature Facials, BOTOX, dermal filler, IPL and body contouring from our skilled practitioners. SkinSpirit will be documenting their experiences during their whole transformation.

Last Thursday, both Pam and Rochelle visited our University Village location for their initial consultations with our practitioners, George and Pinky. During the consultation, George and Pinky came up with a customized treatment plan for both Pam and Rochelle over the next couple of months, based on their own individual concerns. Neither Pam nor Rochelle were interested in any drastic changes. They both were more interested in maintaining their natural features, while giving their body and face a refreshing look without over-doing it. Some of their concerns included dry skin, especially around the eye area, looking tired and loose skin around the neck, décolleté, arms and legs. Both Pam and Rochelle made it clear that they were tired of not looking as young as they feel and neither one of them wanted to endure excessive amounts of pain during their treatments.

During Rochelle’s one-on-one consultation with George, she was blown away when George revealed his real age, even after he disclosed that he had been fully treated with BOTOX, dermal filler and laser hair removal. That’s when George explained what puts the spirit in SkinSpirit: the "spirit" is the glow on your skin that comes from within.

We’re so excited to watch the progress of Pam and Rochelle as they go through their SkinSpirit makeovers over the next couple of months and then make their big reveal this coming Fall.

In the meantime, catch Pam and Rochelle live on the air every Tuesday through Thursday from 8:00AM to 9:00AM, PST on KKNW 1150 AM or from 12:00PM to 1:00PM on KIXI 880 AM.


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