Should I Shave Before My Laser Hair Removal Appointment?

Laser hair removal is one of the top-selling treatments at SkinSpirit, where the combination of our experience practitioners and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to provide our customers with the best results. Treatments are quick, safe and virtually pain-free.

One common question clients ask this popular service is: “Should I shave before my laser hair removal treatment?”

Here's our answer:

Practitioners will recommend clients arrive for their laser hair removal appointment with treated areas freshly shaven. Don’t wax any of the treated areas prior to treatment. With waxing, hair is removed by the follicle. With laser hair removal, the hair follicle in the treated areas needs to be intact. The hair follicle is the pigment the laser needs for hair removal to be effective. If the hair follicle isn’t in place, the laser will burn the skin instead of removing hair.

If underarms are one of the areas to be treated, practitioners recommend clients not wear deodorant or antiperspirant to their laser hair removal treatment.

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