Sun Protection, SkinSpirit-Style

Longer days mean more intense sun exposure and more opportunities for building healthy skincare habits. If you're not already practicing daily sun protection, now is a wonderful time to start. In this blog post, get our tips for caring for your skin before, during, and after sun exposure. And learn about IPL, which is Palo Alto’s, Walnut Creek’s, and Seattle's favorite option for reducing the signs of sun damage, even years after it’s occurred.

Before Sun Exposure

Make sure you're using the right sunscreen — the right way. Regardless of the activities you have planned, don't rely on your SPF-fortified makeup to do the job. We recommend healthy, even coverage with a broad-spectrum product (that means it protects against both UVA and UVB rays) that has an SPF of at least 30. Be sure to apply it to every bit of exposed skin, including your hands and the back of your neck.

If you're sensitive to many sunscreens, or you feel a stinging sensation when you apply them, try a zinc oxide-based product. When using chemical sunscreens, allow the product about 15 minutes to bind to your skin before you head outdoors.

During Sun Exposure

Reapply your sunscreen every few hours, and potentially more often if you're swimming or sweating. Be sure to drink more water than you think you'll need, since dehydration can affect your body's ability to cool itself. If it's possible, take breaks from the sun, especially during the afternoon hours when it's at its most intense. Spend some time in the shade, indoors, or under the shelter of an umbrella, tent, or wide-brimmed hat.

After Sun Exposure

Once you're done spending time outside, refresh yourself with a cool shower. Keep your skin hydrated, especially if you've been burned. Choose a fragrance-free product if you have sensitive skin. In the long term, the signs of past sun exposure can be remedied with clinical treatments. At SkinSpirit, our favorite is intense pulsed light, better known as IPL. Its light energy breaks down areas of hyperpigmentation, treating "sun spots," freckles, and other areas of discoloration.

Whether you want to learn more about how to prevent future damage, or you want to remedy some of the signs of summers past, we're here to help. Visit our skincare experts for a complimentary consultation. We have Northern California locations in Burlingame, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Oakland, Walnut Creek, Mill Valley, and Los Gatos, as well as Seattle area locations in University Village, Bellevue Square, and Redmond. Book your consult here or by calling (855) 383-7546.

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