The Triangle of Youth

As we age, it tends to show in the wrinkles and lines of our faces. But why? What is really happening to our faces as we age? And what can we do about it? Jen Corbett, MPAS, MPH, PA-C, has answers.

What Is The Triangle of Youth?

“In general, when we are younger our cheekbones sit high, our temples are full, and our jawlines more defined,” says Jen. “This is referred to as the ‘Triangle of Youth’.”

But as we get older, collagen production begins to decrease. This leads to skin laxity and fat, as the bony structures that once held the face up begin to recede.

Now what if you’re not genetically blessed with high cheekbones and a sculpted jawline to begin with? “You guessed it, the aging process will begin to occur sooner,” says Jen. “Therefore restoring the ‘pyramid of youth’ will need to occur sooner.”

How to Maintain Youthful Looking Skin

So what can we do? As soon as you see changes occur that you’re not happy with, address them, advises Jen. SkinSpirit offers complimentary consultations with our experts, and we tailor each treatment plan from patient to patient. No two faces are identical!

“For me, my anti-aging plan began in my early twenties with Botox,” Jen recalls. “I had my first cheek filler treatment at age 28,  lip filler at age 29 with Juvederm Ultra, and initial tear trough treatment with Restylane-L at age 30.”

“Since then I have tried every laser, filler, injectable, facial, peel and skincare product out there. If we have it, I’ve tried it! But, this is what being part of the business is all about— you need to practice what you preach and stay ahead of the game. Aging is a continuous battle, and it requires an arsenal to keep us looking not only younger, but healthy and natural,” she says.

Get Your Custom Treatment Plan

The time to start addressing the ‘Triangle of Youth’ is right now. We’re here to help! SkinSpirit offers complimentary consultations at all of our clinics throughout the country. Get on the schedule to speak with one of our experts about your custom treatment plan.

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