All facials are not alike. The professionals at SkinSpirit offer medical-grade skin care and facials that clinically improve the quality of your skin over time. Call us to learn more or schedule a consultation.
Drawing on their extensive experience with therapeutic ingredients, our clinical aestheticians custom-blend each facial to help firm, hydrate, correct and clarify the skin to restore its optimum texture, look and feel.

All SkinSpirit facials begin with a thorough evaluation of your skin and include gentle steaming and pore extractions when necessary. You’ll also get recommendations for an at-home skincare regimen, which can include medical-grade products available exclusively at medical skin care clinics like SkinSpirit.

Luxurious and therapeutic, our facials are the perfect prescription for beautiful skin.

Teen Facial Treatment

Ideal for any teens.

A valuable educational experience for all teens, this facial addresses important aspects of cleansing, exfoliation and protection from the damaging effects of the sun. It also provides clarifying results for teens prone to acne breakouts.  Please note this is an entry-level treatment with very light extractions. If your teen needs therapeutic acne treatment, please see the Custom Facial Treatment below.

Time: 30-40 min*

*Timing for the above treatment may vary depending on individual needs given one’s skin condition.

For more treatment details, including pricing, please call (855) 383-7546