Immediately after treatment:

Your skin may feel slightly tingly or be flushed and/or blotchy for a few days after your treatment. If your skin feels particularly sensitized, then we recommend avoiding heat-causing activities (like strenuous exercise, hot yoga, and direct sun exposure) while the skin calms.

If your facial was done later in the day, you do not need to re-cleanse and apply night time products! Let all the serums we applied soak in.

If you do cleanse after your facial, use a gentle cleanser and neutral moisturizer (one that does not have actives). Your esthetician can advise you on the best products to care of your skin and achieve your goals during your treatment.

Do not use your active products (Vitamin C, retinol, salicylic acids, etc) until the skin feels calm and has recovered from treatment. This typically occurs within three days, but can vary from person to person; please do not hesitate to give us a call if you have questions following your facial treatment.

Breaking out within a week or so is common as skin may be purging after the stimulation that comes with a facial. In general, you can spot treat these areas (IE: with a sulphur or clay mask that we can recommend for you).

Dermaplaning: Skin can feel very sensitive for 1-3 days after dermaplaning. It may also look blotchy as it re-establishes its protective barrier. Within a week, you may feel roughness at the surface as the hairs break the surface and re-emerge; do not worry – the hair will not appear any thicker or darker than before treatment.

Microdermabrasion / Diamond Glow/ Back: Tiny red marks may appear (due to the suction or diamond tip) immediately after your treatment. This will dissipate and correct on it own. You may notice some indicators (little, light red stripes) on the treated area; this is also normal and will diminish over a couple of days.

Teens: Skin may appear red and blotchy, especially if you had many extractions! It is very important NOT TO PICK or touch those extraction sites. Make sure anything that comes into contact with the skin is clean (ie: hands, washcloth, pillow case, hair), and sleep with hair back if your hair is long. Use the products your aesthetician recommends for maintaining your results.

Days 1-5:

  1. Continue with a gentle cleanser morning and night.
  2. Use a neutral moisturizer morning and night and as needed. We recommend our post care kit from Sente with Dermal Repair Cream and a physical SPF.
  3. As your skin begins to slough and lightly peel, it may feel dry (like sandpaper), no matter how much moisturizer is applied. This is normal and will resolve once sloughing has subsided. This process may last for a couple of days and is a result of any chemical application done during your treatment.
  4. To assist with the sloughing process, apply Jan Marini Skin Zyme Mask for 15-20 min and remove with Jan Marini Clean Zyme and a clean wet washcloth. This can be done once a day until the sloughing has resolved. Follow with hydration and neutral moisturizer.
  5. Do not use any antioxidants, resurfacers, retinol or other active products while skin is recovering. Use of these may resume when skin feels back to normal.

Please do not hesitate to call our office at (855) 383-7546 if you have any questions or concerns about your treatments. If you have a situation that you feel cannot wait until the next business day, please call our office and follow the prompts to our after-hours message to page the 24 hr/day on-call nurse.