10 Selfie Tips from SkinSpirit

To help you celebrate National Selfie Day in style, here are 10 tips for your next selfie. In the comments, tell us which # is your favorite!


1) The best filter is... regular facials. Not all facials are alike. Our clinical aestheticians custom-blend each facial to clinically improve the quality of your skin over time. SkinSpirit offers 6 types of facials to help you maintain healthy, radiant skin.


2) Work for the right angle. Instead of taking a photo straight on, try looking up toward the camera - this look gives you a more youthful look and will make your eyes appear larger, while lighting up the area under your eyes. Consider your posture. Shoulders down, head up! This one tip reveals a longer neck and sharper jawline. If you don't love that look, try tucking down your chin and tilting your head slightly for something new and flattering.


3) Show off the lips by relaxing the mouth, and exhaling, blowing air through the lips. This creates a natural pout effect, although you know we love our filler!


4) Find your best light - don't give up! Once you find the right angle, slowly spin until you like the way the light is laying on your features. Make sure to avoid harsh shadows.


5) The best time of day to take outdoor pictures is commonly known as the "golden hour," a period just after sunrise or just before sunset. This warming, diffused light creates a beautiful effect on anything it touches.


6) When it comes to makeup you could try contouring - but why not try the real thing? You can love your profile again! Instead of caking on the makeup, try real solutions like Revision Nectifirm, CoolSculpting of the chin, or Kybella. It's a hack that will change your life!


7) When you smile, squint slightly to bring more life into your eyes. This will make your smile appear more natural. (and if too much selfie-squinting brings on the crow's feet, don't worry - we have you covered)

8) Get friends involved. The most famous selfies have been group photos. Who can forget Ellen’s iconic 2014 Oscars selfie? Time magazine named it one of the 100 most influential photos of all time.

9) Selfies are for everyone. No one is "too old" to take a selfie. If someone wants to take a selfie, more power to them!

10) Selfies are meant to be fun. Express yourself, document your life and always show yourself in a positive light. Everyone deserves to feel confident enough to take a selfie. Have fun with it- and don't forget to use our selfie tips!


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