4 Reasons We Love Halo Resurfacing

At SkinSpirit, we've got a new type of laser on our minds: HALO®.

Over the years, sun exposure and the wear and tear of every day life begin to take a toll on your skin - resulting in sun spots, fine lines and the loss of that natural youthful glow. That's where HALO comes in.

Uniquely designed to resurface the top layer of the skin down to the dermis, it's quickly become a favorite for addressing everything from sun damage to acne scars in SkinSpirit clinics from California to Colorado.

halo device held in front of smiling woman in towel

Benefits of HALO Resurfacing

1. With HALO, we're talking complete skin revitalization technology. HALO will improve the overall appearance of your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, scars, pore size, pigmentation, and sun damage, while giving your skin an all around amazing glow!

2. Unlike other lasers, HALO is effective for all complexions and skin types. Plus, it's great for all ages - whether you want to treat texture or give your skin its brightest glow.

3. Results start to become visible after just a few days - and they just get better from there. Most patients begin to notice the first signs of improvement around 2-5 days after treatment with subtle improvements in pigmentation, texture, and tone continuing over the next few weeks and through the following months as your skin regenerates.

4. Using laser technology, HALO triggers your body's natural healing response to reveal your best glow - no surgery required.

Is HALO Right For You?

We could talk all day about how much we love HALO, but the best way to find out if this is the right treatment for you is by meeting with one of our experts in person. We offer complimentary consultations!

Uncover your skin's best glow. Schedule your HALO consult at select clinics in California, Colorado, Texas and Washington or call your local SkinSpirit for more information.

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