Why Teen Facials Are a Smart Skincare Investment

From hormonal changes to TikTok trends, there are plenty of reasons why teenagers are confused about skincare. A professional facial can be a transformative step to cutting through the noise and building solid habits for clear, glowing skin. Because we understand that products and services aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution, SkinSpirit offers medical-grade facials that can clinically improve the quality of skin over time—even for teens.

Benefits of facials for teens

Teens have an entirely different set of skincare challenges than people in their 20s, 30s, or 40s, which is why our 30-40 minute teen facials target issues like cleansing, exfoliation, and sun protection.

“I would say that starting facials as a teen builds early skincare hygiene practices,” said Monica Nettles, an Aesthetician at SkinSpirit’s Georgetown location in Washington, DC. “I always stress the importance of sunscreen at a young age and proper cleansing techniques.”

Plus, time with an aesthetician is an opportunity for skincare education! Let’s face it: No matter how often parents and magazines warn teens about squeezing clogged pores, most still try to tackle their own blemishes. Professional advice can go a long way in giving teens the practical information they need to make better skincare decisions.

“The Gen Z teens are a lot more skin-savvy, so it’s fun to see how compliant they are with recommendations and tips,“ Nettles added.

Acne facials

before and after an acne facial

Facials can also provide clarifying results for teens who struggle with acne breakouts—minimizing the effects of long-term acne damage. “People assume that all teen acne is the same but the severity and type of breakouts differ so every teen facial is still customized,” Nettles said.

For clients who need therapeutic acne facials, our experts customize face and back treatments (yes, we treat backne too!) with the products and techniques that are best for your skin - whether it’s dry, oily, or sensitive. These intensive sessions provide maximum results in a single treatment—a perfect confidence boost for teens who have a big event coming up in about a week.

Take the proactive approach

Great skin starts with great skincare, and there are proven benefits to establishing a routine early. Facials keep skin looking healthier, longer. Just look at Martha Stewart, 81, or Danica Patrick, 41: both have been getting facials for decades.

Though many people start investing in skincare as young professionals, scheduling regular facials as teenagers is a smart way to preserve skin’s youthful elasticity and clarity for a lifetime.

Whether you’re searching for a provider you can trust with an acne facial, or simply want a glow-up, SkinSpirit’s facials for teens are a smart choice.

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