Lips & Lashes: Look Great in an Insta - No Filters Needed

Is a picture worth 1,000 words?  At SkinSpirit, we vote “yes.” Not only is your photo your calling card in 2020, but more importantly - the better you look, the better you also feel.

Put your face in our expert hands and we’ll get you ready for your Instagram selfie, Linkedin profile picture, bio photo or your closeup with Mr. De Mille!

You don’t need to live on Sunset Boulevard to know that wrinkle-free eyes, full lips, and lush lashes greatly improve your appearance.  This goes for the guys as well. Leave it to us at SkinSpirit to smooth out those wrinkles around the eyes, thicken the appearance of those lashes and erase those lines around the lips and mouth.

Medical Treatments for the Eyes

Because the muscles around  the eyes are in use nearly all of the time, the eyes tend to be the first features of the face to reveal signs of aging. Crows feet, the slender strands of lines that extend from the corner of the eye to the temple become more pronounced due to age and photodamage and can make you look older than you are. At  SkinSpirit, our practitioners come to the rescue with an arsenal of skincare weapons to repair and prevent further crinkling and wrinkling of this important area.

When it comes to smoothing a brow and crows feet=, neurotoxins are our first responders. Botox®️ & Dysport can target the muscles of the forehead, relaxing the brow and the lines around the eyes a wrinkle-free look. Treatment is quick and you can return to all normal activities immediately.  Botox®️ kicks in around a week after treatment.

For sagging eyes, we like Ultherapy®️. Ultherapy®️ is a non-invasive treatment that utilizes ultrasound technology to heat the tissue beneath the skin. Ultherapy®️ tightens and stimulates the production of collagen,the protein that elevates the skin with pillowy contours. Ultherapy is FDA-approved and can be included in your treatment plan together with injectables (just not at the same time!). Results tend to show around 2-3 months after treatment.

Deep hollows under the eyes, referred to as “tear troughs,” are aging, unflattering and have the effect of washing you out. Fortunately, SkinSpirit has a fix for this as well: dermal fillers.

Michelle Jones, RN, at our Palo Alto clinic and spa, tells us she injects “Restylane L or Restylane Refyne by Galderma to replenish fullness to the face. Both Restylane L and Restylane Refyne are dermal fillers composed of hyaluronic acid that restores volume to the skin.” Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring substance under the skin that keeps the face smooth and wrinkle-free. Hyaluronic Acid diminishes as we age and is not self-replenishing, which is what makes this filler treatment so great.<

For in-clinic services:  We recommend booking a free consultation with one of our skin care professionals in California, Washington, or Texas to treat your eyes, making you look more refreshed and awake day-to-day.  Get a custom facial combined with exfoliation or moisturization while you’re at it to help jump start your journey to healthy, smooth skin!

For at-home care: We Like iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex for treating your under eye area at home. It contains proteins and peptides to banish under-eye circles and puffiness.

Get Longer, Thicker Lashes with Latisse


If you have short, dry, sparse lashes and live in a world surrounded by folks with long, glossy lashes, we not only feel your pain, we can also solve the problem. Latisse®️ by Allergan is the miracle product you are looking for.  So toss those glue on lashes out and give your fringe some TLC with Latisse at SkinSpirit!

Visit your nearest SkinSpirit clinic in California, Texas, or Washington to pick up a vial of Latisse.®️ Because Latisse is a prescription medication, we do ask that you come in for a complimentary consultation with one of our experts first.

Give Your Lips Some Love

Let’s talk lips!


Your lips and the muscles around the mouth get an intense workout every single day. The nasolabial folds tend to deepen and tiny little lipstick bleeder lines feather around the lips. The upper lip can also show signs of aging with furrows and puckering.

The outer layer of the skin is thinner on your lips than on the rest of your body. The upside is - this makes your lips soft and delicate. The downside - the lips are at high risk of chap-ing and drying out, as they contain no sebaceous glands to moisturize them. At SkinSpirit, we can get these areas into shape quickly.

Michelle tells us she injects Juvederm Volbella and Restylane Refyne fillers for the perioral rhytides, or those little lines around the mouth. These products are very thin and are perfect for filling the lines and hydrating the skin! Once these lines are filled in, your lipstick should stay in place better than ever. There are other filler options for the marionette lines which restore volume immediately with no downtime. Best of all, you will notice immediate results, that can last as long as nine months.

For in-clinic services: Enjoy movie star allure and restored fullness with lip fillers at SkinSpirit! Come on in for a recommendation at any location in California, Texas, and Washington.

For at-home care: Keep your lips hydrated and moisturized with SkinMedica’s Smooth & Plump Lip System<. Plus, this product is eligible for Brilliant Distinction Rewards!

Reveal a More Radiant You - Filter Free - at SkinSpirit in CA, TX & WA

With SkinSpirit’s expertise, knowledge, skill and products behind you, you can snap  your selfies with the confidence that you will always look your very best! Book a complimentary consultation for eyes, lips, and lashes that bring out the most beautiful you. Or, call (855) 383-7546 to learn more.

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