Why Aren’t At-Home Chemical Peels Very Effective?

Chemical peels are a great, non-invasive way to see immediate skin care results. They are known to improve skin tone and texture, treat hyperpigmentation and reduce discoloration caused by sun damage. Chemical peels also help clear up breakouts, smooth away the look of fine lines and wrinkles and increase hydration within the skin. Chemical peels can even make the skincare products you use at home more effective.

A chemical peel is considered a surface chemical exfoliation that uses a chemical solution to help dissolve the glue that holds dead skin cells together. Chemical peels are able to go deep into the skin, removing the outer layer of dead skin cells faster than manual forms of exfoliation such as using a Clarisonic Brush, microdermabrasion or dermaplaning. A chemical peel works by creating a “controlled burn” of the skin of the skin, which stimulates growth of new skin, leaving behind an improved appearance.

There are many types of at-home peels available, but are they effective? When it comes to chemical peels, the main difference is the actual depth of the peel. Superficial chemical peels consist of glycolic or salicylic acid in various concentrations and are designed to target only the top layers of the epidermis. The epidermis consists of the first five outer layers of the skin, making its thickness equivalent to a sheet of tissue.

Then there are Medium Depth chemical peels. Medium Depth peels consist of Trichloracetic acid (TCA at varying concentrations) and may also contain combination agents like Jessner’s solution. These types of peels are designed to target the deeper layer of the epidermis and the superficial dermis of the skin. When it comes to seeing improved skin texture, a reduction in pigmentation and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, a Medium Depth peel will typically yield better results than a Superficial peel because its able to treat deeper within the skin.

At-home chemical peels have a lesser-strength concentration of ingredients than a professional peel. They don’t provide the level of effectiveness or work as quickly as a chemical peel you’d receive from a licensed professional. The biggest benefit to having a professional peel is the depth of the actual peel you can receive during treatment. Professional peels are able to offer a stronger concentrated peel safely, providing better results in a short amount of time.

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