Unfiltered Beauty: Why BOTOX® and Fillers Are The New Norm

Non-surgical “tweakments” have become wildly popular, but have you ever stopped to ask “why?”

A SkinSpirit survey found that more than 70% of women have or would consider getting a treatment like BOTOX®, fillers, or lasers, and 45% of women say platforms like Zoom and social media have influenced how they view these treatments. But it’s not just the Zoom boom: Almost the same number of women said they were fans of longer-lasting cosmetic treatments before the pandemic, and they still are.

90% of survey respondents say their attitude towards Botox, filler and lasers has shifted

What we’re seeing is a cultural shift that prioritizes convenience. Let’s call it "The Beyoncé Effect." Nearly a third of women love that they can honestly say, “I woke up like this,” and more than 70% said that long-lasting treatments like BOTOX® and laser hair removal are important because they shave time off everyday routines.

4 reasons we love results from long lasting beauty treatments

While convenience is cool, so is confidence: 34% of women said they like the confidence boost they get from a treatment. Think about it: Most people don’t have the time or money for a glam squad to keep them looking flawless, but they can afford the occasional BOTOX® or filler.

We’re not just talking about “Ladies of a Certain Age,” either. The bulk of our survey respondents—90%—were women between the ages of 25 and 44, proving that Xennials, Millennials, and Gen Z appreciate a good non-surgical treatment. Gen X-ers are also on board, with almost 60% of people ages 45-60 saying their views of longer lasting beauty treatments have improved over the last two years.

Another interesting tidbit we uncovered is that aesthetic treatments are not a One-Percenter luxury. About 27% of respondents listed their annual household income between $25,000 and $50,000, while an equal share of respondents reported income over $75,000.

72% of survey respondents say treatments like botox help them save time in their daily routine

The don’t ask, don’t tell days of non-surgical tweaks are behind us. Women want the convenience of a wake-up-and-go lifestyle, and aesthetic treatments can deliver that.

Aesthetic skincare providers have a huge opportunity here to educate clients who are open to new “tweakments” about what’s available, and give every woman that “I woke up like this” glow.




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