Jessica Shdo, MSN, ARNP, FNP-BC

Jessica Shdo, MSN, ARNP, FNP-BC

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Kirkland, Totem Lake


With an eye for balance and harmony, a penchant for perfection, and 12 years of cardiac and urgent-care nursing under her belt, Jessica Shdo brings the ultimate one-two punch of artistry and science to every appointment. After graduating from Pacific Lutheran University in 2008 with a Bachelor's degree in nursing, and earning a 4.0 graduate degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Seattle Pacific University while studying the field of aesthetics, Jessica has become widely recognized for her meticulous, creative, nurturing expertise and joyous rapport with every client who sits in her chair.

Through rigorous training with some of the world's top aesthetic pros and "amazing" mentors, Jessica has a reputation for creating customized treatment plans that are not only realistic and safe but known to embrace an individual's unique definition of beauty. From a conservative approach that enhances features, to more dramatic transformations, she enjoys the intricacies of using filler to sculpt and enhance facial features; and celebrates the soaring confidence that clients experience with each visit to SkinSpirit.

Spearheading the Totem Lake location, and helping to build it from the ground up, has been a career highlight for Jessica. She warmly welcomes all people - at all stages of life - to her practice, where she educates and encourages clients as they begin their self-care journey.

Jessica's favorite treatment is Botox and Dysport. "They're all about prevention and preservation without changing your unique features. I love the softening effect they have on frowning expressions, the brightening boost to the eyes, and their ability to deliver an internal mood boost!"