Don’t Neglect the Neck: Our Guide to Neck Lines, Skin Tightening & More

Skin care doesn’t stop at the face! In fact, the tell tale signs of aging often reveal themselves in the neck and decolette, where wrinkles tend to form and skin becomes less tight as we get older. And while our faces may be covered by a mask on most days, it’s these areas that remain visible.

Our advice to you? Don’t neglect the neck! Maintain a youthful look with these neck care recommendations from SkinSpirit practitioners.

Our Favorite Neck Treatments

Whether you’ve already noticed signs of aging in the neck or you’d like to take preventative measures before they start, we can help you address your concerns with advanced neck treatments like these:

Ultherapy Skin Tightening


Looking for a way to keep the skin in your neck firm? Touted by Palo Alto's Lynn Bartels, NP, as “the BEST skin tightening technology currently available” and the “best non-surgical way to keep your neck firm,” Ultherapy is proven to tighten the neck and the jawline.

A safe, non-invasive, and effective skin tightening solution, Ultherapy is one of our favorite anti-aging treatments at SkinSpirit, for a reason, and is available for the full face along with the neck and decolette.



Say goodbye to pesky neck lines with micro-Botox! Microtox, or micro-Botox, is a specialized technique, where very small doses of Botox are delivered beneath the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

In just 10 minutes, this procedure can help to “improve overall skin texture, platysma bands, tightening along the jawline, and make the skin on your neck look smooth and amazing!” says Seattle's Pinky Elliott, RN, BSN, CANS.

While you may experience some bumps from treatment, they tend to go away within a day - leaving you to enjoy your results for about three months!


If you have concerns around texture, micro-needling is the best way to address them. We love micro-needling for:

  • uneven skin tone
  • acne scars
  • fine lines
  • and wrinkles.

Typically thought of as a treatment for the face, micro-needling can be extended to the neck to improve the skin’s overall appearance and give you a fresher, younger look. For the best results, we recommend starting with regular skin health treatments and a home care routine before getting your first micro-needling treatment.

Want to learn more or find out if you qualify? To schedule a complimentary consultation for micro-needling or any of the above treatments, please call us at (855) 383-7546 or schedule an appointment online.

Neck Care at Home

Remember - your skin care doesn’t end with your face. Many of the same products you use on your face should also be applied to the neck - such as your cleanser and your SPF.


We also carry certain products that specifically target this area. Revision Nectifirm Advanced is one of our favorites for fighting signs of aging in the neck and decolette.

Lynn Bartels says, "I cannot live without this product! Nothing has ever worked better at smoothing and firming my neck. Period.⁠ Revision Nectifirm Advanced has a potent blend of 8 peptides to help smooth those pesky necklines. But it doesn't stop there, it includes ingredients to slim and firm the neck too!”

Insider Tip: Apply your Nectifirm in an upward motion and spread the love to your decollete while you’re at it!

Order Nectifirm online from our shop site or give us a call to place an order for curbside pickup!

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