Our Top 6 Skin Care Resolutions for the New Year

We say it every January:  “This year I am putting my skin first with meaningful services and products that matter. “

This year, we want to help you stick to your goals and achieve radiant, glowing skin all year round – not just during holidays and vacations. We’ve set our top 6 skin care resolutions to help keep you on track to making your skin a top priority this year. No more excuses!

Skin Care Resolutions for Healthy, Glowing Skin

juiceMuch of what you can do to take care of your skin is also essential to your overall health – diet, sleep patterns, lifestyle choices, and hydration levels. Here are some of our favorite skincare resolutions to keep you glowing, inside and out:

Getting Educated:  There is so much out there about skin care – it’s important to separate the wheat from the chaff, real science, from junk science. What we mean by junk science are products containing trendy ingredients that are not clinically proven to work and can sometimes actually be harmful to the skin.

At SkinSpirit, we offer science-based products and treatments clinically proven to provide real results. We recommend making a complimentary consultation to get a professional’s input about which services and products are right for your individual skin type.

Drinking More of This and Less of That: And by “this” we mean water, of course.  But what does water actually do for the skin? According to our experts, drinking water allows you to better “hydrate the dermis on the cellular level and flush out toxins that can contribute to skin disorders. It reduces the inflammation that contributes to aging.”

The suggested amount of water is 64 ounces a day, which is equal to eight cups of water or four 16 ounce bottles.  The challenge is remembering to drink. We recommend integrating drinking water with activity so you will remember to drink, or using an app to set reminders.  Who knew fighting off aging could be so simple?

The drinking less of “that” refers to “alcohol.”  Let’s be clear: we are not saying give it up, but we are recommending limiting imbibing. Alcohol can cause patchy redness, and inflammation leading to acne and rosacea – and nobody wants that.

Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes:  Easier said than done, we know. When you are busy with work, family, fun, and life, the hours slip by so quickly.  But committing to yourself and your skin means it’s important to carve out time during the day for exercise, stress relief and meal planning with healthy eating in mind.

Exercise is critical to keeping your muscles flexible, reduces stress and gets the blood flowing. Blood flow is so essential for the health of your skin, carrying oxygen to and nourishing the cells.  Blood flow also removes those pesky free radicals that are responsible for aging our skin.

A plant-rich diet that is low in saturated fats, sugars, and dairy brings a healthy glow to the skin.

Sleep is also essential for hydration, providing a time for your skin to recover lost moisture.

Stepping Up Your Home Care Game: Are you following your practitioner’s advice when it comes to your home care routine? At SkinSpirit, we find home care to be just as important as treatments to having healthy glowing skin.

Make 2020 the year to step up your home care game with a routine that works for you and your skin. That means using the right products for your skin type, and applying sunscreen every day. Sunscreen is critical to preserving the clarity and smooth appearance of your skin.  A light sunscreen like Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush-on Shield SPF 50 performs double duty, providing light coverage and sun protection.

We can also recommend a complete regimen – from cleanser to SPF – for your skin type and condition during a complimentary consultation at your nearest SkinSpirit location.

Going All In With Your Skincare Treatments:  If you aren’t getting regular facials, now is the time to start. At SkinSpirit, facials not only rehydrate and tone the skin, but they also encourage cell turnover and guaranteed relaxation. Microdermabrasion is included as part of our Signature Facial –  a 100% natural treatment that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth after treatments.

If you are getting facials every 6-8 weeks and you’re ready to elevate your skincare routine, we recommend micropenning/micro-needling. This treatment evens out skin tone and fades acne scars, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  We love it for leaving our clients refreshed and rejuvenated all year round.


Dumping the Hair Today, Dry Flakes Tomorrow Syndrome:  Waxing and shaving can lead to flakey, dry skin, razor burn, and can be a general pain to eliminate day-to-day. Laser hair removal may be the next step you need to reveal your smoothest skin. The procedure is generally painless and will kill the hair at the root where it lives. No downtime and you are totally good to go after your treatment. SkinSpirit’s Lightsheer Duet works on fair to dark skin, so there’s no excuses – now everyone can enjoy, smooth, nude skin.

Set Skin Care Goals That Work with SkinSpirit

We invite you to set skin care goals with us this year! Take our recommendations or come in for a complimentary consult and get advice from the pros to come up with some of your own! Book today in California, New York, Washington, Texas. or Utah locations.

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