Facial Contouring for a More Balanced Look

Treating each face as unique, SkinSpirit experts combine facial contouring techniques, from filler to Botox, to help our patients achieve a more balanced look. By pairing lip enhancement with a chin and/or jawline treatment, we’re able to add volume and create definition - so that everything comes together beautifully.

“Subtle profile improvements make a huge difference for balance and symmetry,” says Lauren Gallagher, Expert Practitioner in San Francisco.

What Is Facial Contouring?


Expert Practitioner Cece Davis in Austin describes facial contouring as a “strategic method used to bring harmony to one’s face where they may be lacking proportions to yield a more balanced look.”

This typically involves injecting a combination of dermal fillers in the face to add volume and create definition, sometimes paired with Botox for softened wrinkles or to slim the masseters. Looking at all areas holistically ensures that each treatment will complement and enhance each other.

How Does Facial Balancing Work?

When it comes to facial balancing, the exact approach is customized to the individual. Generally, it involves using a combination of fillers expertly applied to several areas in the face to achieve a more balanced look. Optimizing the chin in combination with the cheeks and jawline is especially effective in creating balance between the upper, mid and lower thirds of the face.

before and after filler was applied to the chin and lips

In the example shown here, you can see how Expert Practitioner Jessica Shdo, based out of our Bellevue clinic, used Restylane Defyne to evert the lips and add volume.

Restylane Lyft was also applied to the chin, creating some projection and supporting her enhanced pout.


before and after filler was applied to the cheeks, chin, jawline and lips

Here’s another great example from Jen Corbett, Expert Practitioner in Walnut Creek, CA. In this case, Jen created a more balanced look through filler applied to the chin, cheeks, jawline, and lips.

Juvederm Ultra Plus shapes and elongates the chin area, while Juvederm Voluma repositions the cheeks and treats the jawline - creating a slimmer, more streamlined silhouette. Finally, the lips were treated with Juvederm Ultra for added volume.


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