These 5 Podcasts Are Perfect for a Quick Confidence Boost

girl listening to podcast

Confidence, happiness, positivity: They all take practice. Just as your body grows stronger when you exercise, your mind needs regular reminders to grow confidence. Need to squeeze a pick-me-up into your busy day? Try one of our favorite, feel-good podcasts!

Happy Place

British broadcaster Fearne Cotton talks to fascinating people about life, love, loss, and everything in between as she discovers what happiness means to them. Most episodes clock in around the one-hour mark—an ideal soundtrack for your morning coffee and commute.





Oprah’s Super Soul

Oprah's Super Soul Podcast

Leave it to Oprah to line up interviews with the world’s leading thinkers, authors, spiritual luminaries, and health and wellness experts about how to live better. Episodes range from around 12 minutes to over an hour. Have a break between clients? Pop in your earbuds and get inspired!





How To Be A Better Human

How to be a better human podcast

Each week, host Chris Duffy dives into actionable ideas that anyone can use to be a better human. Ever wonder how to talk to a co-worker who offended you? Want to become more emotionally agile? This is the podcast for you! Episodes range between 15 and 60 minutes, but most are under 40 minutes.





The Happiness Lab

The happiness lab podcast

Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos studies the science of happiness, and she says many of us do the exact opposite of what will truly make our lives better. In The Happiness Lab, Dr. Santos offers a taste of her wildly-popular Yale psychology course, walking you through the latest scientific research and changing the way you think about happiness. Most episodes are about 30 minutes—a great option for your evening wind-down.




Imperfectly Phenomenal Woman

Imperfect women podcast

Yes, you can be imperfect and phenomenal at the same time, and Imperfectly Phenomenal Women is out to prove it. Ready to shake off other people’s expectations and lean into what makes you happy? Take an hour—or less— to learn how everyday women are shifting their mindset to live fully and authentically.





Self-confidence isn’t a luxury—it reduces fear and anxiety, drives motivation, and helps you handle setbacks. If you need a way to start flexing your confidence muscles on the regular, these podcasts are a great place to start.

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