From REBALANCE Client, Katie H.: – Intro – Bride To Be! On My Way To “I Do”

Do you hear that? It is the “faint” sound of Canon in D, you know, that classic walk down the aisle tune, the one that is coming from 121 days away. My wedding day!!

But my body, is not wedding day worthy…YET!

I would say I am a fit person, but I carry around an extra 10 to 15 pounds, pounds that I would like to say good-bye to before my wedding day, and FOR GOOD!

Problem is, I have been stuck in a cycle of weight-loss efforts that just are not working. My usual M.O. is to get extremely strict with my diet – cutting out essentially everything but fruit, veggies and some low fat dairy.  I lose a couple pounds over a week’s time, BUT between you and me, it is simply not something I am able to sustain. I end up with no energy to work out, and life is miserable. I add more food back in to my diet and I start working out but gain back any weight I lost. If I focus my efforts on working out, I gain weight! Logically, I know it is muscle, but it is just so mentally frustrating to see the scale creep UP.

In a desperate need to change how I make progress, I found my way to the Rebalance Metabolic Weight Loss program. You know when you know something is right? I know it’s the right road, the road to looking and feeling the way I envision I want to look and feel on my wedding day!

I am looking forward to the program as it focuses on a balanced diet, one that I can sustain along with maintaining elevated energy levels. I can keep up my workout routine and see progress through changes in body composition via their InBody scans instead of the numbers on the scale.

The “Program” kicks off this week for me, and I can’t wait for the journey to begin! I am on my way to “I do”.

Here’s to the next 121 days!!

Katie H. – Introduction – Bride To Be – Age 28 – Marketing Professional