Our bodies are amazing things!  But right now, my body is doing something I’d rather it did not.

At the end of August something unexpected, difficult and life changing happened to me.  I can feel with body aches and fatigue all that the mental stress has taken out of me physically.  And I can see from the weigh-ins that through whatever process – changes in brain chemicals, or some sort of fight and flight reaction – that my body is holding onto fat (or water or something!) even although I’ve been sticking to the prescribed program.

So nothing to do right now but get through this – one step at a time.  I’m glad I am on Rebalance as having a routine and a plan right now is a comforting thing, and I know that if I stick to it, the weight loss will begin again.  Also, during this last hard week, if I did not feel the strength of this program, who knows what roast-beef-sandwich-doritos-ice-cream-vodka binge I would have dove into.  That would have depressed me further and bad nutrition right now will only make things worse.

Yesterday I took a long time making a chicken soup with ginger (that helps upset stomach, right?) and lots of veggies like snow peas, cilantro, garlic, cabbage, bok choy, scallions.  The cleaning and chopping was a good distraction, and the soup was very comforting.  The choice to make healthy soup was a little mini-victory over self-pity and is the sort of daily step by step through a bad time that I need to stick to.  Not sure I would be so sensible if I were not on Rebalance – so thanks team!

Hopefully by next time I post the weight graph from my food journal app, the line will be heading down again.