Today was Rochelle’s first Laser Light Treatment with George at our University Village location. Laser Light Treatments are designed to reduce the redness on the skin typically from Rosecea. They also make for a great acne treatment because it tones and tightens the pores while getting rid of bacteria that lives on the surface of the skin. Rochelle and George’s goal for her treatment today was to help clear up the redness on Rochelle’s skin from Rosecea.

After both George and Rochelle put on their protective eyewear, George explained how this hour-long treatment works in two parts. The first part is considered “bulk heating.” Bulk Heating is where the laser heats up the surface of the skin, bringing up the redness and blood to just below the surface of the skin. This first process preps the skin to be treated for the second portion of the treatment.

Here is a video of George explaining to Rochelle how the Laser Light Treatment works, how long it takes and what it does for the skin.

The second process of the Laser Light Treatment is the actual “reds” treatment. This is where the redness in the skin is targeted and treated. This portion of the treatment helps to settle down the redness on the skin. After George calibrated the machine for Rochelle’s treatment, he performed the treatment all over her face in little circles with bright flashes of light. Both the client and practitioner are required to wear goggles during the entire treatment so that their eyes are protected from the laser.

Here is a video of George explaining to Rochelle how the second process of the Laser Light Treatment works and how it helps to settle the redness in the skin. Rochelle talks about what this portion of the treatment feels like.

George made sure that Rochelle was as comfortable as possible during her treatment. He walked her through the entire experience, letting her know what was going on and what she could expect to hear (the calibration of the machine), see (several flashes of light) and feel (warm and toasty with slight puffs of air.) George even sang to Rochelle as a way to help distract her from some of the discomfort during the treatment, which can happen from time to time, depending on the client. Whenever George checked in with Rochelle during the treatment to see how she was doing, she replied that the treatment was virtually painless. If anything, her skin felt warm like a minor sunburn with puffs of air every now and then.

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