Fellas Are Gravitating Toward Med Spas

man receiving Botoc

It wasn’t that long ago that people were keeping their injectables a secret, but aesthetics has enjoyed a seismic shift into the sunlight over the last 5 years. Women are sharing  the who, what, and when behind their favorite treatments, and men are increasingly experimenting with—and loving—injectables like BOTOX®. With that newfound transparency, aesthetic nurses like SkinSpirit’s Lynn Bartels and Vinny Sathe say it’s time for industry pros to reframe conversations to better serve their clients—particularly when they have men in the chair.

Lynn Bartels headshot in white lab coat

Lynn Bartels, NP

Lynn, an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner and Trainer at SkinSpirit Palo Alto, says that her male clients are prioritizing action, efficiency, and results during appointments.

“I have found men’s desire to maintain their edge, healthy skin, smooth wrinkle-free faces, and a sexy contoured jawline to be more and more popular,” Lynn explained.

“Men come in with a specific goal in mind; either from something they learned from a partner or media. They want a concise evaluation and an action plan often executed at the same appointment.”

Vinny, an Aesthetic Nurse Specialist (BS, RN) at SkinSpirit Denver, connects the uptick in men seeking aesthetic treatments to the aging “Metrosexual” contingency of the Nineties and Aughts.

“As these men are reminded of their signs of aging, they are developing a desire to do something about it. These guys want to look and feel great again, and a solution exists within medical aesthetics,” Vinny said.

Vinny Sathe headshot

Vinny Sathe, BSN, RN

Vinny notes that non-invasive treatments can help new clients feel more comfortable trying injectables in the future and recommends honesty about your own treatments when discussing options.

“I keep up with my aging with neuromodulators, dermal fillers, and laser therapies, and I don’t look feminized,” Vinny offered, as an example. “Most men I talk to agree, and that twinkle of consideration lights up their eyes.”

Men are often viewed as the “next frontier” in aesthetics. Thanks to social media, the Zoom Boom, and dating apps, men are putting more thought and money into their appearances.

According to Allergen Aesthetics’ latest Future of Aesthetics Global Trends Reportmen make up 14.3% of the global market for non-invasive procedures, but the category is ripe for expansion. Experts from Brazil, the UAE and the UK say male patients already make up around 30% or more of their client base.

“Nowadays everyone wants to look good,” Lynn said. Men of all ages, in increasing numbers, are investing in skincare, skincare treatments, and the number one treatment: Botox®.”

No matter what treatments your clients are trying, remind them that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel more confident in their appearance.

“If they are secretive about it, dispel their reasons why it is something to be ashamed of at each visit,” Vinny said. “With each affirmation, men will feel more compelled to share their experiences with their friends.”

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