I went from 225 pounds to 185 pounds over a six month period of time. My weight loss was slow steady and sure. Kate, the NP was my counsler. She is the best. Her confidence in me and my ability to achieve my goal helped me to stay with the program and enabled me to develop new life style habits. The point is, I maintained my weight over the holidays! For the new year im going to return to Rebalance to continue to my long term goal of 165 pounds. Give rebalance a try… it works.”
— Anonymous

I’m 41 years old and a mother of two who wanted to go back to my pre baby weight and fit into my old jeans. My baby just turned one year, and I joined the rebalance program 2 months ago. I’m finally feeling like my old self. For the last 10 months I worked out 5 to 6 times a week, everything from Hiking, jogging, rollerblading, spin classes, P90X videos & boot camp. But I was stuck I could not drop below 150 lbs. I was willing to work hard and getting nowhere fast, I came by the rebalance program by accident and I was very hesitant waiting four weeks before setting up my first apt. I didn’t think it would work but thought I would try it anyway. I’m very excited to say that I’ve lost 11 lbs. since I’ve started, I’m working with Melissa Naylor she is wonderful to work with and understands what I’m going through. This is not a quick weight loss program but one that will teach you the right way to loose the weight and keep it off. I still have 10 lbs. to go but with the rebalance program and Melissa’s help I hope to get their really soon! ”
— Mercedes

In September of 2011 I made the decision to do something extraordinarily life changing. I underwent Gastric Bypass Surgery. Throughout the next 4 months I lost 100 pounds, went from a size 26 to a size 14, and then the weight loss STOPPED! Not by any choice of mine the weight stopped coming off, no matter how little I ate or how much I exercised I could not lose a pound. I started to believe that I had failed, I would not reach my goal of 150 pounds lost, and that the decision to make such a crazy life change might have not been worth it. I felt awful and then I started work at SkinSpirit and EVERYTHING changed. When I started at SkinSpirit I was immediately entered into the Rebalance program with Carli and Melissa. Through Carli and Melissa’s guidance, willingness to be patient, the answering of any questions with compassion and understanding, their ability to motivate and teach, I started to lose and lose and lose. Within the next few months I had lost over 40 pounds. I am currently two pounds away from my original goal, wear a size 6 to 8 and I feel better than I ever have! I am confident that I will be able to reach my goal and maintain it through Rebalance. With their help my confidence has soared and I feel more and more amazing every day.”
— Ashley

The Rebalance Program at SkinSpirit is the most balanced and comprehensive program out there. It really works! Much more than a diet program, they teach you how to change the foods you eat and Incorporate those foods into a healthy lifestyle. I am much more consciense now of what I eat and it’s calorie content then ever before. I am so happy with the results. I have my younger body back!”
–Patricia S

Carli is truly amazing! She has guided and supported me through the rebalance program with friendly expertise and helped me reach my goal!”
— Jenny

The Rebalance program has been an excellent resource for me to learn how to eat healthy and change my eating and exercise patterns in the long run. I have learned how to make healthy food choices. Most importantly, I have lost body fat, not just water weight. I would highly recommend it!”
— Lorraine

I’m so grateful I found Melissa and the Rebalance program through SkinSpirit! Throughout the process I was able to lose my excess weight and have been able to keep it off for the past six months! Melissa is a true expert in understanding nutrition and was able to tailor the program to meet my needs. I have learned healthy eating habits and have established an exercise regime that I can commit to. I would highly recommend trying out the program, even if it’s just for the initial consultation. They spend an hour with you and the body scan is worth it in itself!”
— Brooke

After being able to shed 40 pounds, I finally feel like myself again! Thanks to the Rebalance Weight Loss program, I was given the tools, the knowledge and the support to really make a lifestyle change. Though at first glance, the journey seems daunting, but with the help of Melissa and Carli, the change became progressively easier as the weeks went on. My body stopped craving sweets and processed fast-foods, and began craving more natural and organic food. Before starting the program, at 186 pounds, my vice was my lack of restraint and enormous portion sizes. Eating an entire pizza to myself in one sitting became the norm for my husband and I’s Friday and sometimes Saturday nights. With the tools and help of the Rebalance team, I have really been able to change the way I feel and think about eating and food in general. I am now able to not only control my portions, but feel more than satisfied with the new style of eating. By incorporating more fruits, vegetables and organic protein into my diet, I have more energy and no longer feel trapped in my own skin, having to hide in sweatpants and over-sized coats. Bring on that size 6 holiday dress – I’m ready!”
— Katie W

When I began the program I didnt know what to expect. I was pleased to find that the staff was and extremely valuable resource, they were open to working with me to find a creative solution to “jumpstart” things for me when I struggled. In the end, I got my desired results.”
— Kali

The rebalance program has been amazing! Carli has helped me learn new healthy eating habits and I am looking great! More importantly feeling better!”
— Anonymous

I am back to my pre-kids weight and feel great! The rebalance program helped eliminate carb cravings and promote healthier eating habits.”
— Loise

Everyone at skinspirit has been so supportive, and the weight has come off really quickly! I am very happy with my results so far!”
— Anonymous

Rebalance has really helped me get back into positive lifestyle habits. I really like the friendly atmosphere and service I get there.”
— Christine

Since the birth of my son (c-section) and two abdominal surgeries following, I have had a hard time losing weight. Being in the health and fitness profession, I have always felt “strong” but embarrassed with the extra “padding”. When SkinSpirit offered the Rebalance program at a promotional price, I thought, why not. I’ve always been hesitant about taking any appetite suppressant, thinking if you work hard enough and be smart about your caloric intake you can lose weight. But, since I made it my goal to lose the extra weight this year, and it was OCTOBER, I thought I would talk to Eileen about the program. Eileen made me feel extremely comfortable and assured me the Phentermine was safe. I also loved the fact that I had a full body scan and EKG before being allowed to take the Phentermine and with the weekly weigh-ins, Eileen checks my blood pressure.

Since October, I have lost 15 pounds and feel incredible. I enjoy my weekly weigh-ins with Eileen, each time she asks how I am doing and listens to any concerns I may have. Rebalance is a safe and manageable tool in helping to get the weight off. As mentioned, I am in the health and fitness profession and can really appreciate the fact that Rebalance offers you a body scan (every four weeks) and shows the progress thru body fat analysis (along with other tools) and not just a number on the scale. I am not at my goal yet, but feel very confident that I will attain it and am so pleased that I put my trust in Rebalance, SkinSpirit and especially Eileen. Thank YOU!”
— Dawn S

Since I’ve started Rebalance, I’m more aware of what I eat and I have more energy. I feel better about the way my clothes fit and how I feel. It makes me want to have a healthy lifestyle long term as well. Thanks Melissa and all of the girls at the front desk.”
— Anonymous

The Rebalance Program gave me my confidence back! It is easy and REALLY works! I have tried every “fad” diet know to man. Since entering my 30’s, maintaining my once size 5 figure has been an uphill battle. My metabolism just isn’t the same as it was in my 20’s. Not to mention my lack of exercise and motivation while my appetite for delicious food continues to grow. Rebalance is no fad diet, it is a way of life. Rebalance taught me how to eat healthy incorporating great tasting well balance organic choices. Which helps to keep my metabolism working at it’s full capacity while fueling my body for the exercise it needs to stay looking and feeling healthy. After just 3 months on the program my body had changed dramatically. I was able to slip into my size 5 skinny jeans that had been tucked away in my closest! I had so much more energy and finally had the motivated to start working out. I felt stronger and noticed some serious muscle definition! Talk about a confidence booster!! It has been over a year since incorpartating the Rebalance program into my life and I am still motivated and feeling Amazing! I would recommend Rebalance to anyone wanting to lose 5lbs to 100lbs. I promise you will feel Amazing too!”
— Jenn S

My name is Roop and I have been on Skinspirit’s Rebalance program from 4 months now, and in these four months I have lost 20 pounds and still going strong! Along with Eileen, my amazing specialist, I have been given the confidence and support that allowed me to push myself to reach my goals. I especially love the one-on-one time I get with her, allowing me to share my weekly successes and failures, along with how to overcome them the following week. Eileen helped me to work around my busy work schedule by giving me ideas on my food intake, quick and easy reciepes that worked with my life. In addition, she helped guide me to work around stress and how to handle road blocks that came in my way. I have not been the weight I am now since high school, and that was almost 12 years ago! I feel I know my body so much better now, I work out 4-5 times a week and cannot imagine myself not being active. I am looking forward to continuing my success with Skinspirit for the remaining 30 pounds to reach my goal weight, and I have Skinspirit and Eileen to thank!”
— Roopreet S

This program is wonderful. It is based on organic healthy eating. I love the personal meeting and counseling with Chrissy. She is extremely helpful, well informed and sympathetic. You feel the program is personally for you and not just cookie cutter… The high tech machine that weighs fat muscle etc is awesome. The first week I lost almost five pounds and was never hungry. I am so glad I found this place. I don’t have to waste any more money on diet books or other programs that never worked for me… thanks SkinSpirit!”
— Cheryl B

This program absolutely changes your life! I’ve been doing it for about 6 weeks and I have to go get all my suits altered now because they are too baggy. Its much more than just a diet program, it helps you develop healthy eating habits for the long term and if you follow the program, you will feel and look better than you ever have. The staff is awesome, everyone is super helpful and supportive and the results are astounding. Its seriously one of the best things I’ve ever done. Thanks Skin Spirit :)”
— Nick S

You won’t see Before and After pictures of me… After three pregnancies, I refused to let anyone take pictures of me: I had put on way too many pounds and couldn’t get motivated to put my running shorts back on (too much leg!). Then I started the very easy and informative REBALANCE program. I’ve lost over 10 pounds and I’m well on my way to my goal. And, the best part…I’m back to running three times a week!”
— Holly R

I’ve been on the Rebalance program for 4 weeks and thrilled to see the weigh loss. I highly recommend this program to everyone! Chrissy and the rest of the staff are outstanding! A must try if you haven’t visited Skin Spirit!”
— Anonymous

Rebalance has changed my life! I eat different, feel different and have so much more confidence after my 20 lbs loss through the program. It is such a great feeling to be able to go through my closet and fit into all of the clothes that I have not fit into in years.”
— Carli